The multiuse cap that does it all
Safety • Protection • Information

Beamsafe™ – the simple little cap that packs a punch; providing safety,
protection and information options to your orchard management processes.


See it before you hit it

Clip on cable cap
Ag-beam end cap


No more wear and tear

Stringing sticks/top caps
Stop cloth wear
Splice guard


Provides information

Orchard numbering
Bee markers

Designed and developed for the horticultural industry by Netpro Industries.

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Beamsafe™ was born from our own experiences, and that of
growers and their staff working in and around orchards.

We have seen the consequences of people and machinery hitting cables and ag-beam, and the
damage it can do. We also needed a protective dome cap to stop netting wearing on different
surfaces. We decided to design something that could fit both purposes; safety and protection.

Once we started to trial the Beamsafe™ markers and asked the contractors and growers for feedback
they came up with with other uses including caps to put on row ends for numbering, markers to
attach to posts for bees, and end caps for the stringing posts. As a result, we have ended up with a
simple but brilliant little multiuse product that has a wide variety of applications.

Wayne Russell and Samantha Ogden, Netpro Industries

Beamsafe™ - Providing safety for contractors

As a spray contractor working across the Bay Of Plenty we are coming into contact more and more with orchards that are covered with netting or have artificial windbreaks. This means there is a good chance there are cables running across the rows. In the past we have sustained serious damage to our equipment and machinery costing us time and money.

We highly recommend using Beamsafe™ markers on all cables. Beamsafe™ allows us to move through an orchard day or night without the constant worry and stress of damage being done to us and our gear.

Jake Downes, Downes Services Limited, 07 549 0238

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Choose from a range of seven colours: green, pink, white, orange, yellow, red and black.

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Choose your cable sizes

There are two Beamsafe™ marker cable size options; 7.5mm and 6.1mm

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