The multiuse cap that does it all
Safety • Protection • Information

Beamsafe cap options

Cable safety cap

See it before you hit it

Cables in an orchard environment are hard to see and can pose a huge risk to staff and contractors – especially at night.

  • Designed for 7.5mm and 6.1mm cables
  • Fix to guy cables
  • Windbreak side bracing cables
  • Overhead netting cables
  • Use more than one cap and colour to make it stand out even more
  • Make cables more visible at night

ag-beam end cap

See it before you hit it

Ag-beam is a serious hazard to all staff and contractors due to it being at head height. Beamsafe markers make it more visible from all angles thereby minimising the risk.

  • Designed to highlight the ends of the ag-beam (steel and timber)
  • No more rough steel edges
  • Visible from all angles
  • Stop unwanted pests from nesting inside
  • Protects netting or cloth hung against the ag-beam
  • Makes the ag-beam more visible at night

protective cap

No more wear and tear
  • Splice guard – Protects cloth from wear on the splice ends in the canopy or on the sides
  • Pole guard – Attach to poles when hanging vertical windbreaks to protect the cloth
  • Stringing sticks – Fix to the top of the stringing sticks when using under canopy netting


Push it - clip it - screw it

Beamsafe markers are easy to see and easy to read.

  • Row identification system – use to provide a numbering and lettering system in orchards by attaching to the end strainers or ag-beam
  • Bee markers – attach beamsafe markers to poles in different colour combinations to help guide bees